• Pablo Cáceres is a new Computer Science Engineer

    Pablo Cáceres, a member of the Drago-HPC Group defended his thesis titled Generic and scalable forms for mobile applications, on July 15th 2016. He became a new Computer Science Engineer at Catholic University of Maule (Talca, Chile). The thesis review comission was composed by Felipe Tirado, Chun-Hau Lai and Ricardo Barrientos (advisor).

  • Considerable Advance on FIC-R Project

    A considerable advance has been made in the FIC-R project leaded by the professor Roberto Uribe-Paredes. He and his team traveled to the Aysén region, where a ecological evaluation was performed. Also, the Software platform that collect geography and ecology data is already working. For more information you can access to the video (in Spanish): here.

  • New professor at UCM

    The PhD Ricardo Barrientos was hired as a new (Assistant) professor in the Computer Science Department at the Catholic University of Maule (UCM) from March 2016. This University is located in the city of Talca, Chile. Talca is known in Chile as the main region for wine production, with the largest area for grape cultivation.
    The professor Barrientos has a strong background on High Performance Computing given by his publications that include areas such as paralell computing, coprocessors, information retrieval and similarity search. He received his PhD at the Complutense University of Madrid in Spain, and after to complete a postdoctoral stay in the UFRO University (Temuco, Chile) he is now at the UCM.

  • Release of the Drago-HPC Website

    In April 19th of 2016, the Website of the Drago-HPC group was released. This is a group of Development and Research in the areas of High Performance Computing, Big Data, Distributed Systems, Distributed Simulations and Information Retrieval. This group is composed by professors and researchers from different universities: Catholic University of Maule, University of Magallanes, University of Santiago and Arturo Prat University.
    This Website was developed by the Duaoweb Software Company, which have vast experience in the field of Software applications.